Three international students prepare to be resident assistants

by Yoshiki Kasai – Horizon News & Features Editor

On March 8, the student life department released the names of 15 female and 17 male resident assistants for 2013-2014. With almost twice as many students applying for RA positions, competition was steep. These positions, which include a  paycheck and one’s own room, are highly sought-after.

This year’s list includes three international students. Kelvin Ferbianto, a freshman from Indonesia was one of the students who made the cut.

“I decided to become an RA because I think that will help me improve myself as a person,” he said. “I want to do something that I have never done before.”

Ferbianto says he feels positive about being an RA next year because he thinks that will provide him with leadership experience. He wants to help freshmen adapt to Hesston College by drawing from his own stories. He also wants to help his mod bond.

Masayo Satoh, a freshman from Japan is also an RA for 2013-2014. She said she was surprised that she was chosen.

“I never thought I would be an RA!” she  said. The reason she applied is because resident directors recommended her.

“I am worried about being an RA because of my English,” Satoh said.

But Satoh is positive about the future. She says being an RA is a great opportunity to improve her English and to be a more independent person.

“I want to make my mod just like a family!” she said.




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