Why Hesston? International students weigh in on what brought them to Kansas

by David Flores

There are more than 26,000 universities around the world, so why choose Hesston College, in a town smaller than 4,500 with fewer than 500 students on campus?

Theo Clement, a freshman from France was recruited to play soccer at Hesston. Photo courtesy of Theo Clement.

Here’s what a few international students at Hesston had to say:

“I came because one of my family members came to Hesston awhile back, and also I’m Mennonite and this college really focuses on the values that my parents gave me has a Mennonite.” – Marcela Flores Lopez (Honduras)

“I came to Hesston College because coach Matt recruited me to play soccer at Hesston College.” – Theo Clement (France)

“I didn’t want to go to college where I lived. I visited 11 agents and one of the agents told me that Hesston College is going to be a good start and it will help me to be closer to God.” – Sari Nakazawa (Japan)

“I decided Hesston College because my dad went to Hesston and also he wanted me to learn English, and it was a new experience for me.” – Baldomero Moreno (Spain) 


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