Yost Center renovation to continue through November

Construction continues long past original deadline at Yost Center. Photo by David Flores Cano

By Kendra Burkey & David Flores Cano

Ask any athlete on campus what they think of the Yost Center renovation, and you’ll hear the same thing: “Finish it already!”

Jim Mason, Director of Campus Facilities, feels the same way. He’s eager to get the much delayed project finally wrapped up. But students won’t have much longer to wait. Mason says renovation construction should now be complete by mid to late November, with equipment installation to be completed in a week later. He says he won’t get into the details of all the construction snags, but he’ll admit all hasn’t gone according to plan.  

“It’s not been a smooth construction process,” he said.

But Mason “doesn’t want to be a ‘Debbie Downer.'” He’s focused on the transformation this space will go through, and happy to see some poorly utilized spaces like the old racquetball courts used fully. 

“The whole gym experience is going to be nice.” 

Mason provided the following status report on the project:

  1. Weight room: Ceiling tiles are installed, but flooring will take the rest of the week to complete.
  2. Lobby: Lighting is done, but ceiling tiles, thresholds, restroom mirrors and floor tiles will be installed through the middle of this week.
  3. Energy management: HVAC controls are also being finished up through the end of this week.
  4. Walking track: Lots of work to be done here. Students can expect the gym perimeter/track to be complete by mid-late November.
  5. Hardware/painting: The finishing touches won’t be made until everything else is done.
  6. Furniture/Fixtures: The (almost) last stage of the process.
  7. Weight/Fitness Equipment: This part could take 7-10 days to complete, also at the end of the project.

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