Your Hesston College Packing Guide

By Elisabeth Wilder, Horizon Guest Writer (in Collaboration with the Hesston College Admissions Department)

Your dorm room has a lot to offer, but there's limited space. Familiarize yourself with what to bring (and what to leave behind). Photo: Hesston College Marketing and Communications
Your dorm room has a lot to offer, but there’s limited space. Familiarize yourself with what to bring (and what to leave behind). Photo: Hesston College Marketing and Communications

College can be expensive enough without hundreds of ads telling you that you need to buy more stuff to have the coolest room, or best grades. Don’t buy into the myths. Here is the scoop on what you actually need to bring to college.

Before you hit Target and Walmart keep in mind that your room comes equipped with the following:

  • Bed with adjustable box springs, mattress, mattress pad, mattress cover
  • Desk equipped with a bulletin board, lamp, and lots of storage space
  • Dresser
  • Mirror
  • Closet

Must Haves/Buy Before You Arrive:

  • Clothing: Kansas can reach highs in the upper 90s in August and lows in the teens during the winter. Be sure to dress accordingly
  • Bedding: Every college student needs an extra long twin sheet set, comforter/blankets, and pillow(s). Mattress pads, mattress covers, and sleeping bags aren’t necessary unless you anticipate hosting prospective students.
  • Towels: Be sure to bring hand towels, washcloths, and body towels. Three of each should last you until laundry day.
  • Backpack/tote: For carrying books to and from class and for overnight trips.
  • Room Decor: Bring pictures, posters, and art that makes you feel at home! Look for furniture such as chairs and couches from thrift stores instead of buying cheap, easy breakable furniture.

What Not to bring:

  • halogen lamps
  • guns of any sort (BB, paintball, firearm)
  • pets (other than fish)
  • fireworks or explosive devices
  • alcohol, illegal drugs, and items pertaining to alcohol or illegal drugs (including empty bottles or cans)
  • microwave ovens, electric grills, fryers, toaster ovens
  • electric heaters
  • ceiling fans

Get it at The Free Store:

The Free Store is an initiative from the Campus Stewardship Council at Hesston College. These items are made available to other students… for free!  Before you buy these items, check out The Free Store (outside the cafeteria) during opening weekend.

  • Hangers
  • Binders
  • Shower caddies
  • Waste baskets

Buy From Local Stores:

  • Food: Since you have a meal plan, there is no need to buy tons of food or items for food prep. Your favorite go-to snacks and some boxes of Easy Mac for those times when you sleep through supper should be plenty.
  • Office Supplies: All students study differently, but we recommend each Hesston College student pack their desk with the following:
    • Pens/Pencils
    • Binders for every class (Check the free store first!)
    • Loose leaf notebook paper (it’s more efficient than having a notebook for every class)
    • Highlighter(s)
    • Notecards
    • Planner (Free from the Hesston College bookstore!)
  • Bathroom necessities:  Your bathroom necessities should be no different from what you normally use at home. A shower caddy is nice.  (Check the free store first!)

Don’t Buy It:

  • Kitchen/Food Prep items: Most students only use a handful of dishes for food, so there is no need to come loaded with a full set of silver, Tupperware, or dishes. Chip clips, can openers, and Ziploc bags are not necessary.  Toaster ovens, fryers, electric grills, microwaves, and other electric cooking devices are not allowed to be in the mod.
  • Coffee Pot, Hot Pot, or Electric Kettle: Unless you’re a coffee or a tea addict, you can leave these items at home. You can get coffee/hot drinks from the cafeteria anytime during cafeteria hours.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Each mod at Hesston College has access to a cleaning closet with paper towels, trash bags, cleaning chemicals, a mop and a vacuum.
  • Technology/Equipment: The following items are not a necessity, but some students prefer to have their own. Hesston College has several TV lounges with Blu-ray players, multiple locations to print on campus, and computers available in the library for students to use.
    • Alarm clocks
    • Fans
    • Ethernet Cable
    • Refrigerator
    • Iron
    • Television
    • DVD /Blu-ray players
    • Computer
    • Printer
    • Portable speakers
  • Misc: These items are definitely not necessities. Stay away from these unless you’re positive you will use them.
    • Desk Organizer
    • Bed Lifts
    • Curtains
    • Board Games
    • Mini sewing kit
    • Mini tool kit
    • Scale

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