Artwork serves as reminder of fall student

Matt Hershey relaxes with his hymnal in his dorm room where Joe Chen's artwork still remains.

By Lindsey Carter – Horizon News & Features Editor

Joe Chen’s artworks still hangs on the wall of his old room in 3WN. It was left behind after Chen, an international student from Taiwan, flew back home at the start of second semester.

Two months ago, Chen’s father had a stroke that resulted in a coma. Since then, medical bills have been piling up for the Chen family. Unable to pay both the medical bills and Joe’s college education, the family had to make a decision. At the start of second semester, Chen flew back home.

“Sometimes things happen that you don’t want to,” Chen’s roommate, Matt Hershey said. “Joe is a strong person, and he’ll be able to get through this.”

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Before the stroke, Joe Chen took a painting class instructed by Lois Misegadis. Prior to this class, the only experience Chen had with art was watching the famous painter, Bob Ross on television. Still, Chen was very successful in his painting class.

“Joe is a naturally talented individual when it comes to art,” Misegadis said.  “He sees beyond the surface and has a great passion for art.”

By the end of semester, he had already sold his very first piece: A painting of a local barn. Now, the rest of Chen’s paintings can be found in Hershey’s room. Because the cost of shipping four large paintings to Taiwan was outside of his budget, Chen left them in the hands of his former roommate.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to give them back to him someday,” said Hershey.

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