Happy Jubilee Day: Wilder offers students academic forgiveness on special day

By Risa Fukaya – Horizon News & Feature Editor


That was the subject of an email sent by Kevin Wilder, social sciences professor at Hesston College, notifying his students about Jubilee Day, when academic debts – excluding missing reading assignments and quizzes – are forgiven. Wilder sent that email to students in three classes: general and developmental psychology and sociology of families.

On Jubilee Day, students can spend their time catching up on missing work. Jubilee Day is also the one and only chance to turn in late work without the usual 10 percent penalty. 

Mariah Trible works in the Access Lab. Photo by Risa Fukaya

Jubilee Day is a day mentioned in the Old Testament  when debts were forgiven. Wilder thought of applying the idea to his classes back when he was a leader of a small Biblical literature study group. He remembers sitting in the back of Bib Lit, thinking, “What a great way to integrate faith and Illustrate Grace and God’s story!”

So Wilder started offering Jubilee Day in most of his classes, most semesters.

One person taking advantage of Jubilee Day is Mariah Trible, a theater major student at Hesston College. Trible took developmental psychology class with Wilder this semester. She turned in three assignments on Jubilee Day.

“Jubilee Day saved my life,” she said.

As the lead in the fall theatre production, Trible  had very busy semester, attending five-hour rehearsals and performing in back-to-back shows. She did not have enough time to write papers.

“Jubilee day is definitely helpful for students who have busy days with play, sports, and any other activities,” she said.


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