Athlete of the Week: Dawson McCawley

By Elizabeth Fulcher – Horizon News and Features Editor

Dawson McCawley kicked off the soccer season with four goals and one assist in just the first two games. Not only has McCawley been ranked third in the state of Colorado, he’s ranked third in the country.

Coach Matt Gerlach is taking note of the freshman from Longmont Colorado.

“Dawson has that thing that makes a goal scorer really dangerous on the field,” said Gerlach. “It’s that balance of belief and desire, knowing he is going to beat you, but never satisfied with where he is, always wanting to grow.”

McCawley started playing soccer at the age of two and has loved it ever since.

“It’s not just a soccer ball to me,” he said. “It’s my passion. It drives me to become the person I am today.”

Ask anyone about McCawley, and they’ll say how outgoing and determined he is. He never hesitates to assist a friend in need and is always there to help better himself as well as the people around him. He’s known for his positive attitude during practice and encouraging spirit while being around his friends.

“He’s a very hard worker,” teammate Bryson White said. “If someone is pushing on him, he’s not just going to fall, he’s going to make you work for it.”

As a psychology/sociology major, McCawley also has a passion to help people. “I grew up in a really damaged home,” he said. “I never got help and I feel like that was super unfair. I want to help other kids because I don’t want that to happen to anybody else,.”

Gerlach has high hopes for McCawley.

“Dawson is going to become a force in our region and a goal scorer,” he said. “He is a great kid, one who wants to learn and grow, one who wants to be a great friend and teammate. We all have room to improve, but given patience, Dawson’s work ethic, genuine heart and desire will serve him well on the field as a goal scorer and off the field as a great friend and teammate.”

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