A voice for the students

By Alyssa Rychener – News & Features Editor

When asked about Hesston College’s Student Advisory Board, a typical student may be likely to reply, “Who?” or “They do what?”

But the Board plays a vital role at Hesston: Keeping the lines of communication open between the students and the faculty and staff regarding issues on campus. Student representatives on the board bring concerns from fellow students to be discussed.

“Students should come talk to us about their concerns because it might be harder to talk to faculty,” said Alisa Murray, a member of the Student Advisory Board. “We can help make their concerns known.”

The Board has most recently dealt with questions surrounding the Erb Hall renovation, various food options for the cafeteria, changes in class requirements, and is currently discussing options concerning 24 hour lounges or study rooms.

Sometimes they find a resolution to the problem, but sometimes things can’t be changed. Murray commented that students shouldn’t get upset if a problem isn’t solved right away or at all. It all has to go through a process which takes time, she said. And if they don’t change at all there is good reason for it.

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Regardless, Murray commented, “If you have concerns come talk to us…You never know, it might get changed.”

For the fall semester the board consists only of sophomores. The sophomores on the Student Advisory Board then recommend freshmen for the spring semester. The faculty and staff in charge, Marlene Boese, Lamar Roth, Don Weaver, and Sandra Zerger, make the final selections.

Students to talk to as a part of the Student Advisory Board are Sophomores Michael Darby, Andrea DeAvilaBalboa, Sarah Gilman, Erin Hershey, Matt Malo, Gregory Nolt, Tom Richmond, Krista Rittenhouse, Adrian Rosas, Emily Wagner-Davis and Aaron Young. Freshmen include Marcus Barbosa, Ian Croyle, Taylor Ermoian, Boni Garber, Alisa Murray, Zenawit Nerae, Cameron Ponce, and Tori Wheeler.

Minutes are posted after each biweekly meeting on the bulletin board across from the student life offices. If you have an interest in being a part of the Student Advisory Board for next year, talk to Lamar Roth or other faculty or staff on the Board.

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