Athlete of the Week: Jaymee Bowers

Eva Dwyer – Sports Editor

Jaymee Bowers (Goshen, Ind.) is starting the season with something new. As a first-time goalie, she’s impressing teammates and coaches, allowing only seven goals in eleven games. In fact, she’s already ranked one of the top goalkeepers in NJCAA statistics, an honor not lost on coach Bryan Kehr.

“She has changed positions and mastered many of the goalkeeping techniques to give us a very solid goalkeeper,” said Kehr.

Kehr also said she’s making a big impact in the beginning of the women’s season. The team having confidence in her, in the goal, has been a key role to their success.

“Jaymee works hard in practice and is a quiet leader on the team,” said Kehr. “She is competitive and always strives to do her best.”

As team captain, Bower’s main goals are all team-oriented: to be a good leader, keep everyone’s spirits high, and winning, in addition to learning a new role.

“Playing keeper is like playing a whole new sport.”

Cassidy Bontrager, a freshman teammate says Bowers holds the team together.

“Jaymee was really influential at the beginning of the season in getting our team chemistry going,” Bontrager said. “She stepped up and made sure that we were all comfortable with each other and felt like our team was a family.”

If the women’s soccer team is a family, Jaymee Bowers is the mom. Freshman Adele Hofer describes Bowers’ interaction with her team:

“Before each game in our huddle she says, ’Come here, my babies.’ Jaymee Bowers helps makes Hesston College Women’s Soccer a family.”

Hofer also admires her encouragement at practice.

“Jaymee’s definitely a versatile player and is a main source of our energy,” said Hofer. “From her leadership in practice to her words of encouragement before our games she lifts us up.

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