Athlete of the Week: Wyatt Baer

Eva Dwyer – Sports Editor

Photo by Eleya Raim

Wyatt Baer, a freshman cross country runner from Marshallville, Ohio, just completed his first 8k with a rockin’ 29:56.0, placing first for Hesston and 19th overall at Hutchinson on the 12th.

Baer’s running talent isn’t just in his vibrant green Adidas running shoes, but in the six years of running experience, with a personal record of 17:03 in the 5k that he brings to Hesston.

Jonah Short-Miller, freshman teammate, says Wyatt is a team-oriented runner.

“After every race, he’s quick to check in with everyone and see how we felt we did in our race. His quiet leadership definitely makes a difference and encourages us all to work hard every day.”

Not only do his teammates acknowledge him for being a hard worker, but so does the men’s cross country coach, Gerry Sieber.

“I think his training work ethic and his racing work ethic will have a positive effect on his teammates!”

Wyatt Baer breezes past a pack of runners at Hutchinson. Photo Credit: Eva Dwyer
Wyatt Baer leads a pack of runners at Hutchinson. Photo by Eva Dwyer

Sieber shows excitement for this year’s men’s cross country team, but is especially excited for what is to come for Wyatt. He is already impressed with the beginning of the season and said that he had a ‘respectable’ time for his first collegiate meet. When Sieber said that he would adapt well to the 8k, he wasn’t lying! Baer is already leading the Hesston men on the course and is showing improvement in practice. Sieber shows enthusiasm with this much progression so early in the season, it makes it exciting to see what can be done by the end of the season.

Sieber and Baer have similar expectations for what they want to happen by the end of the fall: Make it to nationals. Baer’s main focus is to make it to nationals, while Sieber is also hoping that the men’s cross country team will make it to nationals as a team.

“It will be a challenge. But that is what sport is all about. If we put hard work behind a dream for more than six weeks, you never know what the outcome may be,” said Sieber.

You can see the men’s team compete this Friday at Tabor.

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