Battling in Games and Battling Weather but the Baseball Team Continues Striving

By Trey Greening

The Baseball season is underway,  and were immediately hit with competition right away. They opened up against Richland College who is ranked in the top 25 among NJCAA D3 teams. They came out of the opening weekend 0-4, but with positive outcomes to build off of.  “I thought it was good,”freshman pitcher Justin Durnil said, “We just didn’t have the outcome we wanted.”

It is the weather that has been keeping them away from their season home opener, and has caused multiple game cancellations and postponements. Cancelling multiple games in the beginning of the season has put the team in Campus Activities Center,  otherwise known as the CAC. Players are putting in the work but are ready to get the season in full swing and in some type of rhythm. “I think the weather is making it difficult for us as we are all just anxious to play,” Durnil said.

Even with the weather holding the team back from playing their first game in Kansas, they still continue to practice day-in and day-out with great enthusiasm.

With all of the teams off-season work and in season practices still going on, and having time away from games, they have continued to not only grow as team, but as a brotherhood. The environment and the culture the baseball team has screams chemistry and a love for each other rarely seen on a junior college baseball field.

“Our teamwork and our togetherness is really good, especially from the leadership of Caleb Stull and Kaylen Haynes.” Durnil said. Stull and Haynes are both sophomores who will bring maturity and experience. The team is rather young having a lot of young players and new faces from transfers, however, the starting lineup is sophomore heavy with a great freshman supporting cast. This team will be very exciting to watch this year!

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