Best way to spend Valentine’s day alone

By Jasmine Pankratz 

What’s the best way to spend Valentine’s day alone? I wouldn’t call myself an expert but I have spent my fair share of years single on February 14th. But please, save your pity. It’s not as bad as it sounds. In fact, I wouldn’t have wanted all those days spent any other way because I believe love should be celebrated every day, not just once a year.

But I can see how sometimes getting caught up in all the trends on Valentine’s Day can begin to feel a little lonely. So I suggest ignoring the holiday and instead making it your own.

Here are a few tips:

1. Turn off all social media to avoid those annoying couple posts and pictures. At least stay off Instagram. You’ll thank me later. Turn on a new Netflix series, (I personally recommend “New Girl” or “Reign”), binge and spend the whole day in bed.
2. Seek out your other single friends and have a scary movie marathon. There’s nothing like avoiding the fear of being alone forever like being afraid of zombies or serial killers instead.
3. Buy yourself, or if you’re feeling generous, someone else, flowers. Just because you’re alone and miserable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the beautiful arrangements they make specifically for V-Day.
4. Treat yourself. Go shopping. With end of winter sales, and new spring outfits coming out use the day to update your wardrobe. Just be careful to avoid all the couples out and about.
5. Or, while you’re out shopping or eating out, take one of your best friends and spend the day making fun of couples at the mall or on dates at Applebee’s. Nothing gives you temporary happiness like mocking other’s happiness. And tacos.

One more thing: If you’re new to this whole spending Valentine’s Day alone thing, and 1-5 just sound over-the-top then just ignore the holiday all together. Do nothing differently. It’s just another day. Catch up on homework, clean up around the dorm, go workout, go to bed early for a change.

It’s only 24 hours. It will all be over soon.

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