Campus Style Watch: Kiara Boettger’s fall comfort and class

by Eleya Raim – Horizon Features Editor

Student:  Kiara Boettger

Where She calls home:  Harrisonburg, VA

Major:  Deciding

Kiara is looking classy and feeling comfortable on a gorgeous fall afternoon. Photo by Eleya Raim
Kiara is looking classy and feeling comfortable on a gorgeous fall afternoon. Photo by Eleya Raim

The Look:  Kiara is one freshman who likes to be cute and comfortable, especially when she dresses up for the Bel Canto’s “Lookin’ Wow Wednesdays,” in which she participates frequently.  With a classic black maxi skirt, stylish jean jacket, bright coral shirt that shows off her vibrant personality, chic scarf, and sparkly black Toms that complete her outfit with a flare, this Hesston student is ready for a beautiful fall day in Kansas.  “It’s super fun to dress up, but so fun to dress down.”

Why did you choose this outfit?  The lovely weather prompted Kiara’s outfit choice.   “Maxi skirts are my go-to when I want to look nice but also be comfortable,” explains Kiara.  Kiara also let us in on the secret that she’s doing “No-Shave November” and didn’t want to show her legs.  Generous modmates have also contributed to her ensemble.

What do you think that this outfit says about you?  “Hopefully, my outfit shows that I don’t mind being simple, though simple accessories such as my scarf, can spice up my look.”  Simple jewelry is also a must-have in this lady’s wardrobe.  Kiara likes to wear bright colors because she believes that they help to accentuate her vibrant personality.

What is your favorite thing about this ensemble?  “Modesty is hottesty,” Kiara states.  Her roommate’s scarf is her favorite piece of the outfit because of it’s style and warmth.  This vivacious student likes to stay classy and comfortable!

What would you call your personal style?  “Low-key, classy” is what Kiara prefers to call her personal style.  “I like to be simple, but at the same time, sometimes I like to wear bigger jewelry and brighter colors and vibes.”

Were you trying to impress anyone when you got dressed this morning?  This young woman radiates her own sense of beautiful confidence as she explains that she doesn’t “dress to impress,” though she does like to dress up along with everyone else in Bel Canto on Wednesdays.


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