Campus Style Watch: “Confident and Classy”

Zile Ncube is looking classy in one of her favorite jumpsuits! Photo courtesy of Ncube.

by Eleya Raim – Horizon Features Editor

Student:  Zile Ncube

Where she calls home:  Zimbabwe

Major:  Pre Med.

The Look:  This fashionable med student is ready for a day cruising around town with friends in her stylish, colorful, patterned jumpsuit, accented with silver ballet flats and hoop earring and pulled together with a sleek clutch and chain necklace.

Why did you choose this outfit?  Zile says that she loves jumpsuits.  In her opinion, they never go out of style.

What do you think that this outfit says about you?  This ensemble was worn for a special outing with friends.  Zile is a very confident young woman who says that she loves her body and wants her style to communicate that she likes to look classy.

What is your favorite thing about this ensemble?  The matching accessories that Zile found to go with this funky style are her favorite part of the ensemble.  With a cute clutch, chain necklace and complimenting bracelet, this lady feels “really cool”!

What would you call your personal style?  “Vintage with a modern twist” is what this lovely person would call her personal style.  Even so, Zile does admit that she loves new fashion trends and is the first one to follow and have the latest style.  Shopping is one of this student’s favorite pastimes!

Were you trying to impress someone when you got dressed this morning?  Zile had a wonderful, defining answer to this question.  “I don’t ever dress to impress anyone.  I get dressed in the morning to feel good about myself and it just happens that other people also love my clothes!”

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