Campus Style Watch: “The Ambassador”

by Eleya Raim – Horizon Features Editor

Student: Anna Marten
Where she calls home: Pennsylvania
Major: Elementary Education and Youth Ministry

Anna Marten’s favorite part of this ensemble is her floral print scarf. Photo by Eleya Raim

The Look: Anna is showing off a classy outfit, complete with teal country skirt, versatile gray T-shirt, navy striped flats and a feminine floral scarf. Any student can get into this attractive yet attainable style.

Why did you choose this outfit? It’s all about career goals. Anna chose this pleasing ensemble so that she could wear a favorite scarf and look professional for a job interview.

How does this outfit make you feel? With a smile on her face, Anna will tell you that wearing this combination makes her feel “wonderful.”

What was your thought process in choosing this ensemble? “First, I decided on the scarf and skirt pair. Then I found a solid color matching shirt in my closet and sported a pair of cute flats.”

What is your favorite thing about this outfit? “I really like this scarf, which is extremely versatile.”








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