Campus Style Watch: Why can’t “cute” be comfy?

by Eleya Raim – Horizon Features Editor

The campus Style Watch is back at last! Enjoy Hesston College’s unique, fashionable individuals right here, every week.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll be featured next week.  This year starts out cute and classy as Molly models a comfortable ensemble, including army boots, green cut off tee, and short black circle skirt.  She tops off her outfit with a golden leaf pendant and her every stylish glasses and a high ponytail.  Thanks for showing off your style, Molly.

Student:  Molly Cherveny

Molly models her unique comfy, dressy style. Photo by Eleya Raim

Where She Calls Home:  Topeka, KS

Why is this outfit one of your favorites?

Because it looks nice and is really comfortable.”

What do you think that your sense of style says about your personality?  

“That it’s warm outside and I enjoy being comfortable and cute!”

If you could name your personal style, what would you call it?

“Relaxed, but put together.”

Favorite fashion story?  “I usually buy my clothes from thrift stores, so I think that the search is really fun.  I also make a lot of my own shorts and enjoy creating my own clothes.”

Fashion advice?  “Wear whatever you want to and really like, because life is too short and trying to be someone else gets really boring.”

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