Church tour takes off


By Nick Yoder- Horizon Staff Reporter

Cultural diversity is strongly emphasized at Hesston and that is just what sophomores Josh Landis and Wesley Wilder are promoting. Some people in today’s society promote college as the place to expand knowledge academically and culturally in order to find personal identity. Landis and Wilder are taking that concept and applying it to spiritual knowledge. The Ministry Assistant duo has created a church tour with the idea of sharing different spiritual experiences with others who may feel under represented in their faith.

“There’s something about going to a different church that has a different feel,” Landis said. “It’s kinda fun to explore and see what’s out there.”

Landis and Wilder have already been to St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Newton, KS, but are taking suggestions for different churches in the area. They already have an idea of some of the churches that they want to attend.

“We want to go to the Mormon church at some point, and we want to check out some of the Journey churches,” Wilder said. “We


have a suggestion box to anybody who wants to put a suggestion in.”

More information will be posted on the MA bulletin board in the Lark’s Nest outside Resident Director Lindsey Mason’s office. Landis and Wilder are both open to anyone who has any questions and are planning on making chapel announcements to communicate which churches they will be attending the following week.

“A lot of people like church because it’s a community,” Wilder said. “I think that being a traveling community could build the type of community that some people are looking for in a church.”

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