Coffee with Jesus and company

Students gather at a music event at Norm’s

By Lindsey Carter – Horizon News & Features Editor

Walking through the front doors brings a warm, calming feeling. Paintings hang on the wall and relaxing music plays in the background. There are table and chairs, but most might opt for the cozy couches near the back wall.

Norm’s Coffee Shop is “reaching out to people though coffee,” says sophomore Kush Lengacher.

Norm’s, which is owned by the Stone Creek Community church of Newton, is run entirely by volunteers. Its purpose, according to co-owners Randy and Robert, is to create a venue for people, especially students, to socialize over coffee in a relaxing environment.

Lengacher first experienced Norm’s when he was invited to go along with a group of friends. The atmosphere impressed Lengacher because it was “peaceful, open, and welcoming.”

Since then, Lengacher has attempted to visit Norm’s, which promotes itself on Facebook as “Newton’s largest living room,” at least once a week, always with the intent of trying something new off the menu. Lengacher’s favorite selections? The chocolate chip scone with a raspberry mocha.

Upon a Friday night visit with friends, Lengacher found Norm’s packed with families, old friends and college students all gathered around to listen to the live local band. While listening along to the music, families and friends played chess, monopoly, or simply laughed at jokes told over the lively noise.

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First time guests can expect to be welcomed with a warm, uplifting smile from baristas. Lengacher says first timers are often joined on the couch by a staff member at some point during their visit – an attempt to get to know customers.

“I think what they’re doing is great,” said Lengacher. “They’re really living out their faith.”

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