Hesston College Club Showcase

by Emily Kauffman – Horizon Features Editor

Missed the club sign-up night and are curious about what clubs we have on campus this year? Below is a list of the clubs along with a brief description, meeting times and hopes for each club. Get involved!

Cycling Club – Brent B., Nick McCoy

Purpose: Creating community around biking

Cycling Club will be meet every Sunday at 2 p.m. in Yost parking lot. (Weekly attendance is not mandatory). Nick McCoy says he hopes the group grows this year by doing more group rides.

Start Talking Club- Heidi Hochstetler, Hannah Hostetter

Purpose: Encouraging and helping international students increase their English language skills and their knowledge of the American culture

The Start Talking club meets every Tuesday at 9 p.m. in Stutzley.

Hannah Hostetter says she wants to create a culture of support around international students.

“What I, as well as other student leaders, hope to gain from this club is for international students to build confidence either, by approaching an American to talk to or to simply understand more in their classes,” said Hannah Hostetter, student leader.

Grill Club – Jim Mason, Brady Bilderback

Purpose: Creating community around grilling all sorts of edibles from burger and brats to steak and pizza and even veggies!  

A photo taken by Brady Bilderback at Grill Club’s first event.

There is lots of grill space and plenty of tool so that the students get the chance to learn how to do their own grilling.  Grill Club emphasizes food and grilling safety and hopes to teach some skills relating to lighting a grill, cleaning a grill and the proper way to cook on a grill. The Grill Club meets every other week (twice a month) on Sunday evenings around 5:30 to 6 p.m. Typically the club meets during grilling weather, which is as long as the temperature stays above 60 degrees or so. Jim Mason, club sponsor says he looks forward to sharing is love of grilling with students.

“Our hope is to meet many times to share and teach my love and affection for backyard grilling and to provide a fun social venue for the students of Hesston College,” said Jim Mason, director of campus facilities. “Some day each of these kids will have their own place and will have a patio or backyard.  Hopefully they are able to apply a few things they picked up from this activity.”

Peace & Service Club – Todd Lehman, Caleb Schrock-Hurst

Purpose: Bringing together globally conscious students to try to make a difference

Peace and Service club will have weekly discussion nights Thursdays from 8-9 p.m. in Stutzley in addition to participating in service opportunities whenever they arise.

“Through discussion and service we hope to make an impact on each other and on the Hesston community,” said Caleb Schrock-Hurst, student leader.

Sustainability Club – Heidi Zehr, Emily Kauffman & Micah Raber

Purpose: Promoting sustainability and responsible use of resources with fun activities across campus

Sustainability Club does not have a regular meeting time yet, but if you are interested in being involved contact Heidi Zehr or Steph Swartzendruber.

Some of the projects Stewardship Club has done in that past include organizing the free store and brainstorming ways of minimizing waste.

“This club invites others to think about the social responsibility one has in the world today,” said Heidi Zehr.

Beard Club – Brent Brockmueller (Dogg)

Purpose: To promote care of facial hair and promote their presence on campus

Beard club meets on Sundays at 3 p.m. in Stutzley for a game of the week. The goal of this club is to introduce students to products as well as barbers to learn to care for facial hair.

“Also, we’d like to promote men’s health in November,” said Brockmueller, leader of the Beard Club.

American Sign Language Club – Saralyn Murray, Graham Stauffer, Jessica Fahrenthold

Purpose: ASL Club is for anyone who’s interested in picking up American Sign Language, whether they want to be able to better talk with Graham through ASL or just learn a new language.

Freshman Graham Stauffer signs to Carlota Ponds. Photo by Saralyn Murray

“We are currently covering ASL basics, as well as some information about deaf culture and people who use ASL,” said Graham Stauffer, student leader.  ASL Club generally meets every Monday and Tuesday to accommodate the large turnout. eople are welcome to come to ASL club either night or both if they so want. Meetings are every week, with one week teaching new material and the next practicing and just learning/asking questions at 8 p.m. in the campus worship center in the basement of Northlawn.

“Hopefully we should be able to get people to have a basic understanding of ASL and be able to communicate well with it,” said Graham.

Ultimate Frisbee Club – Bryan Kehr

Purpose: to play ultimate frisbee.  

Student leaders, Garrett Woelk and Shelby Miller who maintain a Facebook page where they share information with club players.  You are encouraged to join the Ultimate Frisbee Facebook page to see the scope of the activities. Ultimate Frisbee Club usually plays on Tuesday and Thursday evenings when the CAC is available.

Racquetball Club – Gerry Sieber, Bryan Kehr, Jim Yoder

Purpose: Provide students with the opportunity to regularly play singles or cutthroat games at predetermined time-once or twice a week. Gerry Seiber expresses his excitement for the Racquetball club this year.

“As we move into late fall and especially the winter months we expect to gain some momentum for this great social/recreational exercise activity!” said Gerry Sieber, a club sponsor.

Nerf Games Club – Dogg/Michele Hershberger, Elliott Leichty

There is currently some turmoil in this club.

MyFitnessPal Club- Brent B. (Dogg)

Purpose: To provide a supportive place where people can learn about setting wellness goals and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Meeting time is yet to be determined. Dogg says his hopes for this club is equip students with tools to create a healthy lifestyle.

“We hope to have occasional meals to promote healthy recipes and educate students on eating habits,”said Dogg.

Cheer Club – Brady Bilderback & Michael Kilmer

Purpose: Encourage students and faculty to participate in sporting events.

Brady Bilderback, the student leader of Cheer Club wants the student section to be more active when they are at games and not just watch. Watch for information on the Cheer Club Facebook page about “meetings” at sporting events.

Multicultural Club – Carlota Ponds

Purpose: To build an appreciation for different aspects of unique culture(s) and to explore ways to share our new-found appreciation with others.

Carlota Ponds views multicultural club as an art appreciation class with God as the artist.

“Just as a quilt with all pieces the same size, shape, color and texture would be uninteresting, our lives are made richer by the diversity of God’s hand in creating us,” she says.

The club’s first meeting will be at 6 p.m. this Tuesday, Sept. 22 over dinner in the dining hall. Look for the table by a quilt display.

“My goals as sponsor this year are to challenge and expand students’ current life paradigms to create a solid sense of their place (and the places of others) in God’s world plan but of course, I’m more interested in acting on the goals and ideas of other club members,” explains Carlota.

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