Get involved! A campus club for everyone

Amateur Radio Club – The Amateur radio club participates in radiosport in a team setting and competes against other schools the third weekend in November. The club practices the first several months during the meetings so everyone is prepared for competitions. They meet on Thursdays at 8 p.m. Contact: Bob Harder (

The Foodie Club made a trip to Sorrel’s Jamaican restaurant in Wichita. Photo courtesy of Emily Kauffman

The Foodie Club – For those students looking for a place to explore their inner desire to try new things, the Foodie Club is where you can “discuss how to cook a wide array of foods while exploring food through cultures around the world.” Members of the club not only cook food but review it as well. They even have a cookbook coming out at the end of the year. Contact: Emily Kauffman (

Hacky Sack Club – Hacky sack is a fun way to meet new people and get to know them in a new and fun way. You do not have to be good at it or have any prior experience to join. The meetings are not set and are communicated verbally or set in a group chat made by the club. Contact: Lorren Oesch (

Hesston College Car Club – Do you love cars and everything about them? Well the Hesston Car Club is the place for you. The group attended car events and even host a few for students who have cars to show off. Meeting times are mostly when there is an event or just when they feel like hanging out! Contact: Ethan Klassen (

International Student Association – The International Student Association is a place for students outside of the United States and come together and share stories and struggles of being in a different country. Contact: Evelyn Worku (

Sustainability Club – Love talking about the environment and ways to help it? Sustainability Club provides a place for people to talk and learn new ways to help the environment. They do activities such as traveling to a recycling processing plant. There are no set meeting times at the moment but are continuing to set them up. Contact: Levi Geyer (

Students in the Travel Kansas Club have sought out popular outdoor spots like Coronado Heights.

Travel Kansas Club – If your new to Kansas or have lived here your whole life, this club is a great way to get off campus and see all the different sights of kansas. Most trips are outdoors and emails and group messages are sent out by the sponsor to people who are interested. Contact: Lorren Oesch (

Ultimate Frisbee Club – Ultimate Frisbee meets Sundays at 4 p.m. and Wednesdays at 9 p.m. The club is always is always accepting new people anyone is allowed to join no matter if you are a pro or know nothing about the game. They are always willing to teach you. Contact: Tobias Yoder (

BeLonGTo – A student led group formed several years ago, BeLonGTo is a club for students who feel like they need a place to be themselves. This has become a safe place for kids to express themselves openly and have a place to belong. The clubs members decide within the group and meetings and times are passed by word of mouth for people interested in participating. Contact: Julie Lehman (



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