Hesston goes trashy in first-ever fashion show


( Hesston’s first-ever Trash Fashion show takes place April 19 at 7 p.m. in the Pit. )


by Nathan Peters – Horizon News & Features Editor

Glitz and glamor will be put on display as Hesston College students strut the runway to show off their taste for fashion and all things trashy as part of the college’s 1st Annual Trash Fashion Show tomorrow night.

The show is the idea of Sophomore Mallory Eicher, a member of the Campus Stewardship Council (CSC). She hopes in addition to a fun time, the show will have a greater impact.

“I’m hoping the show will raise student awareness about stewardship in general as well as the amount of waste around us every day,” she said.

April has been deemed InsideOUT month at Hesston College and the campus is focusing on human and environmental sustainability as sponsored by the CSC, a group dedicated to developing sustainable facilities and practices on campus.

“Many times, sustainability seems like a code-word for “making do with less” as in one must give things up and sacrifice to be sustainable,” said Eicher. “The trash fashion show is meant to raise awareness of the importance of being good stewards as well as demonstrate that education about our environment and the way we approach stewardship can be fun, an act of creativity, and can be built into our ordinary lives.”

Eicher urges students to attend for the opportunity to see unique and creative outfits worn by students and faculty alike, to show support for the CSC and those taking steps towards environmental sustainability, and to simply take in a fun event.

The sky is the limit for creativity and anyone can make an outfit and participate in the show. The week of the show a sign-up sheet will be posted outside of student life for participants. Outfits can range from trash bag pants, a dress made of coffee filters, or even a magazine suit vest. Be creative!

The Trash Fashion show will be tomorrow, April 19 at 7 p.m. in the Pit (the Erb Hall basement).

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