Humans of Hesston: Yedidiya Zewdu

by Olivia Copsey- Horizon Photographer

Yedidiya Yewdu for HOH 2When I was in eleventh and twelfth grade I went to an all- girls catholic school. Most students in that school studied together starting from pre-kindergarten and up. They all already knew a lot about each other. It is hard to join a stable community that has been together for so long. The first days of my school were the worst of my life. Everyone was tied up with their “groups” and not willing to add other “outsiders”. I was really depressed during this time. I was not able to find someone to talk to and it was hard keeping in touch with old friends while going to a school 2 hours away.

Yedidiya Yewdu for HOH 1 (1 of 1)Two weeks later a girl from our Christian Students Fellowship came to speak with me about life and my classes. I told her that classes were fine but that I was not involved in any activities, and that I was feeling lonely. She was kind and prayed for me that day which gave me a big sense of relief. And then she invited me to hang out with her during break time. We talked about grades, family, spiritual life and everything. She then would share with me what God has taught her in her life and would encourage me to read the Bible and pray. Well, I still believe that she is someone God has given me to show his way. We have been friends for almost 3 years now. Even now I still call and talk with her when times get tough. Hesston has given me some of the best classmates and friends that I could ever ask for. I am not lonely anymore. Thank you all who have been kind and supportive.

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