Larkfest: Representing the best of Hesston

by Alicen Meysing – Horizon News & Features Editor

Larkfest. It’s a common word these days. You may have heard it mentioned in the classroom, chapel, or even around the lunch table. But you may also be wondering “What is Larkfest and why is it such a big deal?”

With student service activities in the morning and presentations in the afternoon, Larkfest highlights the best aspects of Hesston College. David LeVan, who organizes the festival, says that Larkfest has continually evolved since it was first brought to Hesston.

Students work on sewing a quilt during last years Larkfest. Photo by Larry Bartel

“This is the third year we’ve had Larkfest,” LeVan said, “During the years we’ve really grown the service aspect of the festival. Service is very important for our students to be a part of and it is what we say we do at Hesston College.”

LeVan also knows that the student projects are a crucial part of the day.

“From creative writing samples, awesome science demonstrations, and even recitation of the Heils, Larkfest is a chance for the campus community to come and observe some excellent student presentations.”

Although the festival only lasts a day, the planning behind it is an intricate and long process. With initial plans beginning in the fall and formal sessions starting in January, LeVan goes through a lot of work to set up the festival.

“It takes quite a bit of planning to set up Larkfest,” LeVan said. “I meet with the administrative council, the faculty, and the staff j

Students help the community during service projects at last years Larkfest. Photo by Larry Bartel.

ust so I can make sure everyone’s aware of what’s going on. It’s a lot of time but it’s worth it.

Levan isn’t the only one who thinks the festival is worth it. 

“Overall, it was just a great experience,” Emma Schrock, a sophomore, said, “We got to reach out to our community and serve them. I also loved being able to observe student presentations. Not only were they interesting but you got to witness how hard other students had been working the whole year. It makes me very excited to see how great this year’s festival will be!”

The complete schedule for Larkfest will be posted on the day of the event, April 20.




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