Magician Bringing Two Schools Together

By Trey Greening

On March 18th, Hesston College students were invited by Tabor College to see a comedian and magician,  Meraux Dantes.

Dantes was contacted by Tabor College, and he was able to do a show for the students of Tabor, and the administration of Tabor decided to let Hesston College students come watch the magician for no charge. 

One of the more recognized students who run the CAB events, Sophomore Leah Huyard, said it was a good turnout for both groups of students.

“Well it was at Tabor, so there were a lot of Tabor students, but there were actually a good number of Hesston students who showed up as well, probably around 15.” Huyard said.

Though he is a magician, he did a lot of comedic acts, and Huyard was asked to give a rating between 1 out of 5 stars on his performance.

“3.75 (stars)” Huyard said. “It was really good and entertaining but I wish he would have done more tricks. He actually filled up a lot of the time just talking.”

This event created the opportunity for students of Tabor and Hesston to meet one another, and create a bond over the multi-skilled magician.

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