New club wants to remodel Erb basement

By Jessica Wilson

If you’ve spent any time in the basement of Erb lately, you may have noticed the walls have been recently scraped. But it isn’t the Hesston maintenance department doing this work. It’s “Love in Action,” a peace and service club that was enacted to bring a sense of community and service to Hesston College.

Creator Willow Baer saw an opportunity being a ministry assistant to use her position for service. She felt that using her faith through service was her calling, resulting in Love In Action. 

“All the ministry assistants this year found a different focus in ministry and I felt like my passion for ministry was through service,” Baer said.

The club has many projects that they are excited to start but one that they are currently focusing on is the remodeling of the Erb Hall basement, starting with a new paint job. The club felt like the space for students needed a fresh new look to help create a better atmosphere for fun.

“The purpose for this remodeling of the basement is to create a student made space for people to enjoy. I think students will enjoy the space a lot more if they are able to create it themselves,” Baer said.

Many students, even ones outside of the club have come to help remodel the basement. The club consists of 16 students but when the club combined with the help of campus worship, they had much more help. 

“So far, what has been student led is preparing the walls and then we will paint them. Hopefully this space will create fellowship between students while we are creating the space,” Baer said.

Love In Action also helps students in their path with faith through service. The club’s goal is to find meaningful projects that not only strengthens their community but strengthens their faith as well.

“In the future, we hope to continue to get more interest in the club and continue to find meaningful service projects for people to participate in,” Baer said.

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