Creative writing – and t-shirts – among Hesston’s spring courses

by Abby Musser – News Editor

While it may be hard to believe, Christmas break is almost here and with it comes the end of fall term. Soon, students will meet with their advisors to talk about spring courses. Here is a list of some new courses being offered in Spring 2015.


Commonly referred to as the T-shirt course, this course takes a very detailed look into a very familiar item.  Students who take this class will learn about everything from history, environmental science, ethics, and economics, all centered around the t-shirt. Any sophomores interested in this class can still sign up. This multidisciplinary class can count for economic or history credits and fulfills the integration source course requirement.

David LeVan, Professor of Business, wants students to know that this course features a whole new approach to the survey course.

“Most survey courses cover many topics without a lot of detail to give students a basic understanding of the information,” he said. “This course will try to flip that model.”


Taking place over spring break, March 6-15, students will learn the history of the Civil Rights movement by following the footsteps of its pioneers.

Professor Tony Brown, along with Professor John Sharp, will be leading the Civil Rights seminar. Photo by Galed Krisjayanta
Professor Tony Brown, along with Professor John Sharp, will be leading the Civil Rights seminar. Photo by Galed Krisjayanta

Journeying across the deep South students will visit historical sites and museums, meeting the people who were there at the beginning. Costs for the trip will run about $400 which will cover entrance fees, lodging, and transportation. The deadline to apply is Nov. 10.

Professor of history and sociology, Tony Brown, is leading the trip with John Sharp, professor of history.

“This experience will assist all of us who go on this exciting journey, to understand more fully, the extent to which racism in America has kept us from implementing the democratic principles on which the country was founded,” said Brown. “It will also help us understand our country from the perspective of the marginalized and disenfranchised. I am thrilled to be a part of this educational journey to Selma.”


Students enrolled in this class will read plays and learn theatre history in evening classes and some intensive weekend sessions. One week will be devoted to touring New York City and watching many Broadway shows. After the shows students will be able to meet with the theatre artists during backstage tours. Theatre Appreciation is a knowledge outcome Source Course. Check out this promo video created  by Broadway actress and friend of Hesston College, Rachel de Benedet.


After a two year absence, creative writing is finally back. Students can once again write poetry, fiction, screenplays, drama, and nonfiction and receive school credit for them. If you want to explore the writing industry, this is a great way to get your foot in the door by showing off the portfolio created in this class.

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