Ultimate Frisbee captures the attention of Hesston players

By Marta Jantzi

The warm sun shining down on your back, the smell of warm grass wafting through the air, and the laughter of all of your friends ringing in your ears. That is what you will find when you go out and play with the Hesston College Ultimate Frisbee club. 

Luke Goodloe, a freshman, has been playing Ultimate Frisbee his whole life. His dad is a youth pastor and Frisbee was a frequent activity played in the youth center. He likes that Ultimate Frisbee is a game where you can come out to just have an enjoyable experience, while also getting in some fun competition.

The Ultimate Frisbee club gathers after a game. Photo courtesy of Micah Hurst

“Even though golf is my main sport, Ultimate is a close second because of how much fun I have while playing it,” Goodloe said.

On Sunday the club typically meets at 4 p.m. On Wednesdays they get some indoor practice in the CAC. On Mondays they now get the chance to go to Bethel and play against their team.  

“We plan on going on as many Mondays as we can to go play with Bethel,”  Goodloe said. “To just get better as a team cause they’re really good.”

The Ultimate Frisbee club started up at the end of August, but getting to play against Bethel did not happen until recently.  Many of the team members are very excited to get to play against another team because it gives them the chance to hone their skills, and also get new experiences.

Goodloe and teammates hope to create an intramural team so they can start playing in tournaments and other similar events this spring.  Until then, they’ll work on improving their skills and technique. 

Photo courtesy of Micah Hurst

Hoem says the reason everyone plays is to have fun. They do not play to win, they play for the community.

“The best part of Frisbee is the community of people playing honestly and inclusively so that everyone of all skills can have a great time,” said Jonah Hoem, a freshman player. 

The Ultimate Frisbee club is open to anyone who wants to be a part of it. If you would like to join the club, get in contact with Micah Hurst, the club advisor, or Toby Yoder, one of the team captains.  Every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday around 20-30 people show up to play.

“It is a great way to meet new people on campus, and to also get out of your room, spend time outside in the fresh air, and take a break from studying,” Goodloe said.

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