Plett takes on hectic schedule, continues to thrive through faith

Tobie Plett

By Trey Greening

Students wonder how he does it.

Professors wonder how he drives students around, tutors, gives tours to prospects, and still has a 4.0 GPA.

But for Sophomore Tobie Plett, all of these jobs and activities are perfectly manageable. Because they’re leading to something bigger than him.

“I definitely feel a calling,” Plett says. 

Plett is arguably one of the busiest students on campus.

“I am taking 20 credit hours -I’m in an overload, taking a lot of classes – taking some because I enjoy them, not necessarily for the credit,” Plett said. “I’m working a lot of hours, usually about 20 a week. I work in IT, I am an RA, I am a student ambassador for the college as well, working in a lot of different areas.”

For many students, this type of schedule seems surreal and almost impossible to maintain.

Not for this business major from Winnipeg, Canada. Even with all of the jobs and classes, Plett continues to learn and expand his knowledge. He’s a motivated student who wants the best for himself and his peers. 

“As far as my skills and characteristics go, I just feel like I am impart a natural born leader, and that I have the ability to bring together a lot of people and respectfully communicate with them and lead them,” Plett says. 

Last semester, Plett won the business department award and Bill Mason scholarship, named for a former business professor and longtime Hesston supporter, alongside Michael Mullet and Matthew Byler.

“The business scholarship is awarded using the 12 standards of business excellence: leadership, cooperation, time management, to name a few,” Plett said. 

Like all students, Plett faces hard times, and it’s hard to stay motivated. What he looks to during tough times, is his faith.

“First and foremost, whether it’s a hard time or whether it’s not, faith is the most important thing,” Plett said. “Spending time in prayer, devoting that time whether it’s at the end of the day, or early in the morning, just making sure that time is there for God. Just trying to clear the mind, trying to remember what the focus is and why I am doing what I am doing.”

Plett recommends when times get tough, to look for an outlet to stay motivated.

“For whatever it may be, for people struggling with academics, work, or even social life, don’t forget that foundation,” Plett said. “Whether it’s family, faith, or friends, or whatever you are working towards. Keep that picture in mind.”

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