Pranks have begun at Hesston College

by Victoria Cortez – Sports Editor  

Taylor Zehr and Cynnandra Lytrell leave their mark.
Taylor Zehr and Cynnandra Lytrell leave their mark.

A few weeks ago, Tylan Coblentz, a sophomore, walked into his room, only to discover his bedding and clothes missing.  Coblentz, a notorious prankster, now found himself on the other side of a practical joke. Allison King and Taylor Berkey were the masterminds with a motive:

“We did it because he is known for pranking so we wanted to get him before he got us,” King said.

It’s clear that pranks are a huge part of the college lifestyle. The trick is being good at it.

Entering someone’s room is risky, but King and Berkey managed to pull this trick off by steeling the key to his room while he was away at a soccer game.

The other risk: How will the victim react?

“We weren’t afraid of getting caught because Ty is known for pranking so we knew he wouldn’t get mad about it,” Berkey said. “You have to prank people that you know will respond well to it.”

But Coblentz isn’t the only one getting pranked. A more recent prank occurred a couple weekends ago when Josh Thomas and Uriah Peruso received a very welcoming housewarming gift. As they walked into their room, they found it covered from top to bottom with toilet paper.

Josh Thomas and Uriah Peruso's front door view.
Josh Thomas and Uriah Peruso’s front door view.

But this was a prank of retribution. Earlier that week, Cynnandra Luttrell, a freshman, had been endlessly teased by Thomas and Peruso when she had  decided to take a vow of silence, a spiritual practice for Luttrell. Friends of Luttrell, Rachel Jantzi, Mary Bender and Taylor Zehr, all worked together to defend her by pulling the classic toilet paper prank.

“It was a spur of the moment decision, said Jantzi. ”The boys were both going to be out of town that night so it was the perfect timing.”

Although planning seamed simple, they couldn’t exactly do this on their own. With help from “an outside source,” they entered the boys’ room.

“We used a total of 15 rolls of toilet paper on their room,” Luttrell said.

After seeing the amount of chaos created, Thomas said, “We felt a little over whelmed since there was a lot of toilet paper everywhere in the room but we found it very humoring as well too.”

It wasn’t hard to figure out who had pranked them because, as Thomas said, “They were nice enough to all sign their names on our windows saying who it was.”

But Thomas and Peruso say they’re planning something bigger and better.

“The war is on,” Peruso said. Be prepared ladies!


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