Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk: A team of champions

Gina Benton, Hesston College sophomore, attended the Kansas University watch party at Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence March 31.

By Gina Benton – Horizon Guest Writer

I may not know every guy’s name on the University of Kansas basketball team roster or know every stat in the book, but I do wear the crimson and blue with pride.

On March 31, I got the chance to step into Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence again, but this time it wasn’t just any other basketball game, it was this season’s Final Four game: the energy in the gym was through the roof.

Basketball isn’t just a sport to KU’s fans; it’s much more. My sister-in-law and I walked in an hour before the game to see a huge crowd already piled in the stands. The minute the screens referred to the Jayhawks the crowd began screaming, and I knew the game was going to be intense.

It’s always exciting watching a KU game, but when you are watching it with hundreds of other fans, it gets chaotic. Everyone is jumping, screaming, clapping, and going crazy in hopes for a win.

Anyone could tell there was tension going into halftime, and within the final minutes of the game everyone was on their feet. With each steal and basket the Hawks made, it got even louder, until finally the game was won and everyone rushed down to the court to celebrate the win.

Everyone around town was screaming and chanting, “We’re going to the Ship!” Cars honked as they made their way from Allen Fieldhouse to Mass St. were the party continued. The street and sidewalks were covered with excited fans celebrating the huge win for the University. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget!


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