Spotlight interviews

by Stasia Delgado – News Editor

Carolanne Whitaker

Born: September 10, Medford, Oregon

Major: Psychology

Carolanne Whitaker

Extra Information: Pitches for Hesston’s Softball team and enjoys drawing.

Carolanne, from Medford, Oregon, is in her first semester here at Hesston College. She says, “Hesston College has been nothing short of warm and welcoming; I really like it here.”

While she enjoys Hesston, she admits that her journey to get here was not easy. At the end Carolanne’s junior year of high school she attempted suicide.

“I didn’t know of a better way to handle the negative in my life,” she says. This then lead to her stay in the hospital. Upon her release from the hospital, despite being kicked out of her house and a move from Oklahoma to Oregon, Carolanne returned to high school and graduated.  She credits part of her success to a therapist that she had.

“She really went out of her way to help me and I am very grateful.”

Carolanne’s experience with her therapist is what pushed her to want to do the same for someone else and impact another person’s life like her therapist did hers. Now here at Hesston College, she is a pitcher on the softball team. When asked why she decided to pursue Psychology as a major, Carolanne responded, “Knowing how much help I received when I needed it really pushed me to want to do the same for others.”


Marelby Mosquera

Born: September 12, Cali, Columbia

Teaches: ESL: Grammar and Writing and Intro to Chemistry

Extra Information: Loves to dance, cook and has a passion for movies.

Marelby Mosquera

Professor Marelby Mosquera may be a new faculty member this year, but she is no stranger to Hesston College. Born in Cali, Columbia, Marelby has returned to Hesston College to teach ESL: Grammar and English and Introduction to Chemistry.

“I never thought that I would return to Hesston College but I have to be willing to except new challenges, step out of my comfort zone and go back to the beginning.”

Marelby is described as being, “focused and organized. There is a clear sense of urgency in the way she prepares for and conducts class.”

For that she gives credit to her father. From him she learned to be prepared and that her work is a reflection of who she is. Her work ethic and values come from her parents, she always gives the best she can because of them. While she is focused in the classroom, Marelby can also be found dancing in the Smith Center hall. Being from a different culture and coming to the U.S., both of which have had influences on her, is something that she feels separates her from other faculty. Marelby thinks that the sense of diversity is great and brings to the table her different life experiences.


Angelica Holguin

Born: June 23, Oklahoma City, OK

Major: Nursing

Extra Information: Mother of five

Angie Holguin

“Rough” is how Angelica Holguin, a nursing student, described her journey to Hesston College. Dropping out of school before her freshman year, being initiated into a gang and having a child at the age of sixteen, Angie described herself as “a statistic in every meaning of the word.”

As it came time for her eldest child to start filling out college applications, her daughters asked why she had not attended college herself. After telling them about how she dropped out and never returned, her daughters picked up the application for G.E.D classes and came up with the money for the fee. Angie attended classes, finished the G.E.D program in 21 days and continued her academic journey at Hutchinson Community College, then transferred to Hesston. She says, “I feel that I this is God’s plan for me. I want to spend my life helping others.”

Angie’s ultimate goal is to use her nursing degree to dedicate her time, service and talent to those in need rather than money goals.

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