Start here, go to China (next year)

by Yoshiki Kasai – Horizon News & Features Editor

This year, Hesston College planned to offer a May trip to China, hoping the experience would expand opportunities and encourage students to become more culturally aware. Unfortunately, the trip has been canceled.

The minimum number of people for the trip was 10, but only eight people applied to go. Tony Brown, sociology faculty was the person in charge of the trip.

“I regret China trip is not happening this year,” he said.

Cristina López, a freshman, was one of the four students who applied to go on the trip. She was also excited about going to China and spending three weeks of her summer break in an unfamiliar but exciting location.

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“I am disappointed China trip is not happening this year,” López said. “I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn Chinese culture.”

Brown says there are many reasons why students may not have applied to go on the China trip, but the two major reasons are money and schedule.

Still, Brown is positive and looking at the next opportunity.

“I want to go to China next May,” Brown said.

For freshmen who are going to be sophomores at Hesston College next year, keep your eyes open for that opportunity.

“If you want to know more information about China Trip, please ask me,” Brown said.


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