Take Time… to hear

by Meredith Spicher – Features Editor

A cheap set of headphones would cost around $3 by the check-out counter at Walmart. But an expensive pair, a pair that you never take off, even if they’re just hanging around your neck, can cost $400. How amazing is it to put on a pair of headphones and tune out the world, hearing nothing but the steady beat of the bass drum and the gentle strum of a guitar? What if you were hearing nothing but, nothing? Imagine a life without music, without being able to recognize your best friend by her voice or her crazy accent (let’s face it, we all have crazy accents in others’ ears). But how crazy is that?

Lightning storms in Kansas are beautiful, and loud. I mean, I’m a pretty heavy sleeper, but the thunder here almost jolts me out of my own bed some nights. Imagine not being able to hear that. Not being scared of thunder may sound super appealing to most of us, but how sad would that be? Anymore, when I hear thunder, I like to go outside and watch the lightning. The thunder is a call of beauty in the sky.

Even now, I am listening to music. I don’t know what I would do without being able to listen to Lord Huron. They’re pretty much a necessity in my life. What about you? Your favorite band, album, genre, or song that strikes a chord in your heart (no pun intended). What if you couldn’t IMG_0450hear that ever again? Your ability to take in that kind of beauty is gone. What would you do?

Okay, I’m about to be a hypocrite– there is also value in silence. I mean, think about it, just the fact that I have to listen to music while I’m doing homework or cleaning is kind of pitiful. Sometimes, we try to distract ourselves from the world around us- from our problems, stress, broken relationships, I could go on. But, we might just need some silence, not only for our own sanity, but to be able to listen and help other people with their problems. So yeah, I’m a hypocrite, I’ll admit it; but it’s the truth.

 Take time this week to really think about that. Be thankful, for silence, and also for your ability to hear. It’s a gift that we all take for granted. I cannot stress enough how we cannot overlook our senses. There are so many people out there who cannot do these simple tasks that we all take for granted. So take time this week to listen, and be thankful.

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