Students take one-hour ski course

by Josh Booth – Hesston College News and Features Editor

Students take in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains at the Keystone Ski Resort.

“The most fun credit hour offered at Hesston College.” That’s how sophomore Russ Klassen described the ski trip Hesston College students took to Colorado January 24 – 27.

“I was so pumped for this trip,” said Klassen. “I had been skiing before so I knew just how

much fun this was going to be.”

Klassen and 11 other students took the trip to the Keystone Ski Resort as a part of a one

credit hour physical education course. The resort, nestled in the Rocky Mountains, features beautiful scenery, great slopes for skiing and snowboarding, and all of the snow you could ask for. One of the highlights: Night skiing.

“We could ski under the light of the stars,” explained Klassen. “However, I wouldn’t recommend trying to look at them while going down the mountain.”

However, Klassen does recommend this class for anyone looking for some fun and interested in trying new things.

“I wish I was here at Hesston next year so I could take it again.”


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