The Gift of a Care Package

By Victoria Cortez Sports Editor

You’re walking to your mailbox, thinking, “I’m probably just going to get my Psychology Top Ten back” when you see a little green paper. Your mood quickly changes because you realize someone was thinking of you. You just got a care package.

As college students we miss home, all the time. However, one way to cure a bit of homesickness is to receive care packages from the ones we love. The meaning of receiving a care package is not only because we enjoy opening a bag or box, but so we know that someone cares. In a typical week, Hesston students receive about 40-50 packages.

“It makes me very happy to know I have people who ware worried about me and who are thinking about me, and making sure that I’m okay,” Freshman Tessa Sorensen said.

Care packages are meaningful, not just because of what’s inside the box.

“Sometimes I don’t just get necessities, but I get things that’s remind me of home,” said Sorensen.

Timing is everything, according to Sophomore Morgan Martin.

“It means a lot to know that people from home are thinking of you. It usually comes when I need it the most because they are a really good pick-me-up.”


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