The things we keep: Memory Quilt

By Chris Thuma – Horizon Staff Reporter

Every time sophomore Morgan Martin tucks herself in bed, she wraps herself with a special quilt.

Morgan Martin and her special quilt. Photo by Galed Kristjayanta

“My grandma made this quilt when I went off to college,” Martin said.

This is no ordinary warm, comfy piece of fabric; it is way more than that for Martin.

“My friends signed the quilt with verses, memories, or words of encouragement to remind me that people will always love and support me even when I am far from home,” Martin said.

One of her favorite quotes is from her friend Staci Zeiset. It reads, “The most beautiful discovery between best friends is that they can grow separately without growing apart. I love you morgs forever and ever, Love Staci.”

Martin is from New Holland, Pennsylvania, so home for her is about 18 hours away from Hesston.

But the quilt keeps home much closer: right there when she needs it.

“It means a lot to me because when I’m missing home or feeling low I can read the quilt patches and feel comforted,” Martin said.

The quilt is also significant to her because she was able to pick out the material with her grandma to match the theme of her dorm room.

“I got to pick out the material for it with my grandmother at the quilt store she works at and it was good bonding time,”Martin said.

Not only did her grandma make it, she put a special message for her special granddaughter.

“’If you ever feel lonely, wrap this quilt around you and just imagine all your friends are there for you! Love you, Grandma,’” Martin said.

So when she feels far from home or just simply needs encouragement, Martin can always refer back to her quilt.

“I want to keep it forever to be reminded of all the important people in my life,” she said.

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