Want to save some money? Here’s how to do it

By Abby Musser – Horizon Editor-in-Chief

We’ve all been there. You rush to the mailbox to pick up your paycheck because you’ve been dreaming about having money again. Before you know it you’re back to having no money at all. You swore that the next check will go farther, but how? Here’s a couple of ways to save beyond just buying less stuff.

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Invest in a drying rack

Saving a couple of quarters doing laundry may not seem like much at first, but think about how often you do laundry. The fall term starts in August and ends in December, you could save $10 over that period. That’s money that could be used on more fun things.

Combine your laundry

Consider combining your laundry and your friend’s into one machine. Not only will you save quarters over time you can also save water and electricity. You can clean your clothes and be sustainable at the same time.


1004151700Rent your textbooks

Everyone knows that college textbooks are expensive to buy, new or used. But did you know that you could rent textbooks for a fraction of the cost? Instead of paying $100 or more on one science book, you could pay $20 instead. All you need to do is return it on time. There are many different websites you can go to rent textbooks like this one.

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Drive-in for a movie

Want to see a new movie but it’s not out on DVD yet? If you have a car then you and some friends can go see three new movies for the low price of $13 per car at the Starlite Drive-in Theatre located in Wichita.. The more people you fit in a car, the more you can split the bill.



photo credit:realtytoday.com
photo by realtytoday.com

Make a Bid

Looking for some new furniture? Consider attending an auction where you can buy quality items at a cheaper price. Just plan in advance how much you’re willing to spend and how you’re going to transport items home. Sale bills can be found in banks, Kropf Lumber, and D’Angelo’s.

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Get your thrift On

Located in Newton, Et Cetera thrift shop has discounts on certain colored tag items every day. However if you go on the fourth Tuesday of each month then every item in the store is 50 percent off. Located nearby is Moyo Clothing which sells brand name clothing at overstock prices. Before you drive all the way to Wichita, check out Moyo Clothing first.

Check the freezer at Druber’s

Photo by Horizon staff photographer

The next time you go to Druber’s for a doughnut fix, look across from the second register to find the freezer holding day old pastries. Each bag is only a $1, and if you get regular glazed doughnuts then you can get up to twelve in a bag.







Screenshot (23)Mennonite Your Way

Want to go traveling but don’t have the funds for a hotel? No problem. Founded in 1976, this hospitality service lets travellers stay with hosts for a small donation. In the US and Canada the current rate is $10 per adult with an extra $2 for meals. According to the website there are 1700+ hosts distributed among 60 different countries.

Get away at Stutzman’s Cabin

Need to get off campus for a day? Stutzman’s cabin is a great place for your mod or your friends to go relax and have fun. Bring some food, games, and a ball to kick around and you’re all set. To reserve the cabin for a night contact Deb Heibert at debh@hesston.edu.

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