Where do Hesston students work out?

By Luis Caraccioli

It’s 9 p.m. at Hesston College, and soccer player Itallo Da Silva Dias grips the barbell to lift his third set of the night. After getting a lift in, he makes the three-quarter mile walk in the 47-degree fall evening back to his dorm. 

This is the reality of many students who work out at Hesston College. Hesston has three options for workouts: The Campus Activities Center, the Bluestem Wellness Center south of campus, and the YMCA in Newton. 

Three Hesston College volleyball players working out at the Bluestem Wellness Center. Photo by Luis Caraccioli

The Wellness Center seems to be the go-to for the majority of students. International students and those without reliable transportation can walk there, and admission is covered within student tuition. 

Ejona Zogu is a sophomore business major who loves to work out to relieve stress. She uses the Wellness Center. 

“The YMCA is too far for me to go to, and all of my friends go to the Wellness Center,” she said.

Da Silva Dias uses the Wellness Center for his gym needs because it doesn’t cost him anything. 

“There is no money involved and we can use it late at night and early in the morning,” he said.

Money is an issue for many students. The Newton YMCA membership costs students $38.80/month ($465.60/year) with a $50 enrollment fee. This expansive gym has a lot of different equipment for the betterment of their athletes or casual gym goers. 

Dane Milburn is a baseball player who makes the 15-minute commute to the YMCA five times a week. 

“The Wellness Center isn’t built for athletes,” Milburn said “The YMCA has all the equipment I need to excel at my sport.” 

Despite the negatives of both gyms off campus, there is an on campus option for those not willing to make a commute. The CAC gym gives athletes the opportunity to lift with strength and conditioning coach, Chase Glaum. 

Students who can’t work out on their own time at the CAC may be excited to hear that the Yost Center gym is opening Nov. 18. This gym will contain brand new weight racks, machines for compound lifts, and even indoor turf allowing a more expansive and unique workout experience.

One student specifically can’t keep his excitement for the new gym hidden. Halen David, a freshman, doesn’t always get to finish his morning workouts because of his 8 a.m. class and the lack of equipment in the CAC.

“I am excited for the Yost Center gym to be finished because we will finally have enough equipment to use when the baseball team has morning workouts,” he said.


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