Ashley Yasin Reflcts on 14 years of softball and a season of broken records

By Alec Byrne – Horizon Sports Editor

Photo by Jenna Ratzlaff

Ashley Yasin strives to live her life with passion, and one of her passions is softball. After 14 years of competitive action and multiple record-setting feats, the only thing left for Yasin to do in her storied career is carry her Larks into the postseason.

Born and raised two hours from Los Angeles in “Lake Isabella,” California, competitive softball has been a part of her since she was young.

“I’ve been playing my whole life, going on 14 years now.”

Being from California, a softball hotbed, many coaches and mentors have helped shape Yasin into the national strikeout leading pitcher she is today.

“I had many pitching coaches growing up, from fathers of daughters who played division I softball or even pitchers that have pitched in college,” she said.

Although many voices have offered advice to Ashley, Yasin gets her competitive spirit and warrior like mentality from her mom.

“My mom has taught me the majority of what I know, from the pitches I throw to how I prepare for each game,” she said. “I get it from my mom.”

Choosing what pitch to throw can be a challenge as it is all based on the situation, but if Yasin had to choose a favorite it would be her curveball.

“Right now, I trust my backdoor curve the most.”

With more than four different dominant pitches, it is no surprise that the sophomore pitcher from central California is leading the nation in strikeouts. When it comes to breaking records, Yasin has acted with the humility of a veteran.

“My goal coming into Hesston was obviously to win games and be great in the classroom,” said Yasin. “My parents told me to go in and have fun but maybe try to break some records along the way. But I wasn’t expecting to break any records coming in.”

After setting numerous records at Hesston College for pitching, all Yasin wants to do now is win.

“Since it’s my last go around at it, all I would like to do is win,” she said. “I would like to go far as a team, and if we put everything together I feel like we have a great chance to do that and compete well.”



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