Longtime Astros fan cheers his team to the World Series

By Jessica Wilson

Luke Goodloe has been an Astros fan for as long as he can remember. When he found out his team would be going to the World Series a second time he was ecstatic.

“It is amazing to see the Astros back in the World Series again,” he said. “I was born in Houston, Texas and I have been to more Astros games than any other baseball team.” 

In fact, Luke has been to more than 10 different games throughout his life growing up in Houston. 

“I watch the World Series so it is great to see my favorite team playing for the championship,” he said. “I enjoy watching the games and cheering them on even though its in agony sometimes.” 

The Astros, after winning the American League Championships against the Yankees 4-2, took to the World Series for a chance to win against the Washington Nationals. 

At the moment the series is tied with each team having won two games so far. 

“I’m ready to see them beat the Nationals!” Goodloe said.


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