Planning the perfect mod event

By Kristin Troyer – Horizon Editor-in-Chief

It’s happened to everyone – you’re in a mod meeting, having a good time with your modmates. You’re talking about your day, laughing about your latest goof-up, or sharing worries about a big test when your RA asks the tough question: Do you guys have any ideas for mod events?

The ladies of 2EB take a mod event survey during a Wednesday night meeting. Photo by Sarah Booth

Hesston College lists community as one of our top values, and this community often begins its formation in the mods. Mod events are a huge part of creating a sense of community, but how does a person plan the perfect mod event?

This is a challenge for RAs trying to plan. Scheduling and trying to find something everyone likes are two common problems.

“When I plan events, I’m not just working with my schedule,” said 2A2 RA Nick Eichelberger. “I am trying to plan based on 10 different schedules. It’s hard to schedule around everyone’s classes and activities.”

These three themes are what RAs and modlings alike look for in the perfect mod event:

It’s got to be cheap. 

College students are known for not having a lot of money, so it’s important to plan events that everyone can participate in even if payday is still a week away.

“Our mod is planning on having movie nights,” said 2EC RA Janelle Schmucker. “It will cost no money to get a movie from the library or pull something up on Netflix, and it’s a fun way to get to know people and their movie tastes.”

Don’t forget the food.

Just like they’re known for being poor, college students are known for being hungry. From pizza to popcorn, a little bribery with food doesn’t hurt.

“Mod parents are good at providing food for events,” Hannah Miller, RA of 2ED, said. “My mod is having brunch with ours. Blueberry crepes, bacon and eggs, and smoothies better get my girls excited!”

Keep it social.

A classic Hesston college mod activity is the pick-a-date – an activity where each person is paired up with someone from campus by their modmates; they’re a great way to get even more people involved in your event and get introduced to someone new. These can be extravagant, like going to Wichita for a meal and ice skating, or low-key like the one Kyle Good is planning for his mod, 1B1.

“I’m planning on booking Stutzman’s cabin for a night of games, food, and socializing,” Good said. “There’s even supposed to be a meteor shower that night, which will be cool to watch with everyone there.”


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