What’s the “MA” in MA?

Billy Bass – Horizon News Editor 

Ministry Assistant Molly Bruner Photo: Olivia Copsey (SO)
Ministry Assistant Molly Bruner
Photo by Olivia Copsey

If you weren’t already aware, MA stands for Ministry Assistant. It’s a title held by 12 Hesston students who have dedicated their time and efforts to help their peers at Hesston College in more ways than you would immediately recognize.

Molly Bruner, a second-year student and member of the MA team, gives us more information about the role.

First, note that an MA is different from an RA. A resident assistant is there as a support and leadership resource for your mod.

“The reason they separated MAs from RAs is so that MAs can be more a spiritual leader rather than just a general leading figure for the mods. We are in charge of two or three mods, but that doesn’t exclude other people from talking to us. It’s just so you get to know those people best.”

Ministry Assistants help with the planning of many different events that occur on campus regularly, such a weekly campus worship and raquetball court hymn sings.

Bruner also noted an increasingly popular club that started this past week.

“Caleb Schrock-Hurst is heading up the Peace and Service Club. You should definitely check it out too.”

Bruner says an MA isn’t defined by just activities.

“An MA is someone who is there to listen to whoever needs any advice or prayer,” she said. “They’re there to help out wherever there is need. If you need advice or you need prayer, or if you just want someone to listen to you, you don’t have that from anyone else, you can come to us and know that it’ll be confidential.”

If you need support of any kind, you can talk to the MAs, as well as Todd or Julie Lehman

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